Shipper's Declaration/SLI


Christmas and Cocos Islands are International destinations so far as Australian Customs and the Department of Agriculture are concerned and all applicable conditions for international importing and exporting apply.

This form is required for each consignment delivered to Freightshop . This form must be completed by the SHIPPER of the goods and is valid for a period of 30 days. This is a legal requirement placed on the shipper, and the receiver cannot complete this form on behalf of the shipper. It is illegal to consign an unauthorized explosive or explosive devices. Your consignment may be subject to security and clearing procedures and may be searched.

Box, carton or package are not a description of the contents. We may have to describe the goods and their application to Customs so we require a description of the contents.
If you are outsourcing goods, we also need the name of the Company that is delivering the goods to us. Put your name as the sender and add "sourced from........."
Number, Street, SUBURB and Postcode
When we report consignments of $2000 or more we need an export compliant invoice which shows: 1. ABN 2. Detailed description of your goods 3. A Customs value 4. The currency code (AUD) to be written on the invoice 5. The notation "Incoterms FOB" to be on the invoice 6. Your invoice payment terms with your client 7. The country of manufacture or State of Australia for each item 8. The weight of each item
The Company or person receiving the goods. If you have it, their phone number
Non-account holders must pay the freight before uplift. We need a contact phone number and/or email address. Failure to supply this may mean the goods are not uplifted.
All consignments over 60 Kilograms must be booked. Failure to book may result in your freight being offloaded. We will endeavour to uplift cargo on the next compatible flight, at your selected Service Level. Please see Flight Schedule and Shipping Information for cargo compatibility
OPTIONAL If you have received a freight quote from us, please put your Freightshop quote number Or -You can use your own reference number to assist with tracking
We will need to call you if we have queries about your consignment
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