Communicating your requirements to Freightshop is critical. Never assume your cargo will uplifted on a specific service. If your cargo is critical, please do not hesitate in giving Freightshop a call on 08 9477 6088 or send us an email to to discuss options.

During peak times the fortnightly Freighter service can become completely full. There are many factors that can also contribute to a reduced payload such as weather events, runway works, technical issues and COVID restrictions.

Processed cargo will be lodged under the following categories in an descending order of priority:

Category 1 – Aircraft on Ground Spares (AOG) – This is critical to keep aircraft operational and is of the highest priority. This is standard international practice that airlines carry another operators AOG Spares.  (Will be loaded before passengers and baggage)

Category 2 – Life Saving Medical – This category is only for Medical goods that will sustain life. General medicines do not apply. (Will be loaded before passengers and baggage)

Category 3 – Perishables – This category covers any cargo requiring cold chain in order to maintain product integrity. All perishable food products, some medical and laboratory products.

Category 4 – Australia Post Mail  -This is mail that has been lodged with us via Australia Post.

Category 5 – Priority General Cargo – This applies to general cargo where the premium freight rate has been paid.

Category 6 – General Cargo – This applies to cargo that does not fit any of the above categories and the basic freight rate has been paid.