A Shipper’s Declaration (also known as a Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI) is an electronic form that needs to be completed on our website prior to the delivery of goods to our warehouse. The Shipper’s Declaration is just like a consignment note you would fill in when sending freight with other courier companies. We require all the information on the Shipper’s Declaration to be completed as this allows us to promptly and efficiently process your shipment. It is the responsibility of the Shipper to complete this form, it cannot be completed by the receiving party. This is important as the Shipper has packed the freight and is fully aware of the shipment’s contents, whereas the receiver is only assuming the contents and cannot legally make a dangerous goods declaration.

Islanders ordering goods, please ensure your supplier is happy to complete a Shipper’s Declaration and Customs Invoice (for shipments with value greater than AUD $1999.99.) It’s common for Freightshop to be told by suppliers that they were not informed by the receiver about the process involved. This sometimes leads to an awkward situation where suppliers refuse to conform and receivers are left without their goods.