Air Freight Services Worldwide to the Indian Ocean Territories

If you are seeking an international air freight service provider who has the knowledge, resources and flexibility to meet your specific needs, look no further. Freightshop can collect or deliver goods to and from international destinations utilising a worldwide network managed by one of the world’s biggest wholesalers; Air Menzies International. This means that we are in control of your shipment from door to door and can utilise our intimate knowledge of the islands to ensure the most cost-effective air freight solution with the shortest lead time. We understand the importance of knowing where and when your product will be delivered.

As a smaller, specialist company, we are confident our team can offer you a personalised service that no-one else can provide. No long call-waiting times, no transferring to different departments – we offer many years of experience and are committed to offering good old-fashioned service.

When purchasing goods from overseas, don’t get caught out – most international carriers will sell you a service to your door and not provide it! The IOT is undeniably a unique part of the world, and most international carriers are oblivious of the complex freight procedures that are required for successful deliveries. They terminate service in Perth and you face the possibility of being stuck with additional and unnecessary import costs including Duty and GST. Furthermore, there may be extra costs to then export the goods to the IOT. These carriers quote destination charges using post codes, and as the IOT carries a WA postcode they believe that the delivery to you can terminate in Perth.

If you require clarification or assistance with any international shipments don’t hesitate to contact Freightshop, as our speciality is in Connecting the Indian Ocean Territories to the World.