Live consignment tracking

Enter your tracking number into the search box below to get its current status. If you don't have your tracking number, contact the supplier of your shipment. The tracking number is automatically provided to the supplier upon completion of the Shipper's Declaration.

For any other queries please contact the Freightshop Warehouse on (08) 9477 6088 (extension 2).

Update notes

Update 10/10/23 - Now showing Hambley's Supa IGA and Parry Ave IGA consolidation items!
If you've placed an order with Hambley's Supa IGA or Parry Ave IGA for your groceries, you can now track the status of your orders. Please contact your supplier if you are unsure of your tracking number.

Update 20/07/23 - Now showing DHL and TEAM consolidation items!
If you have lodged your cargo through DHL or TEAM (formerly TOLL) then you'll be able to search for your provided Connote below. If you're unsure of your consignment ID with DHL or TEAM then please contact them directly to obtain it.

Update 19/07/23 - Restricted timeline of results to within the last 90 days!
As the tracking feature has to load a lot of data it can be reasonably slow to load, and over time this load time would increase and significantly slow down. To prevent any future bloating and significant load times we have restricted the information to only show consignments which are no older than 90 days. If you require information older than this please contact us at Freightshop with your tracking number and we will be able to assist you.

Update 18/07/23 - Now showing intended date of uplift for manifested consignments!
Please note that this is not guaranteed and should not be relied upon for an accurate uplift date. Our cargo situation changes every day and it's impossible to know for sure until a flight is in the air whether all of any of our lodged cargo is on a flight.