EDN is short for Export Declaration Number. Export declarations provide Customs & Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) with details about goods intended for export. The Australian Customs Service’s Integrated Cargo System (ICS) processes the information provided and issues an Export Declaration Number (EDN) upon acceptance. An EDN consists of nine alphanumeric characters. An EDN is required for exported goods with a customs value greater than $1999.99 (AUD) .

Freightshop requires Customs Invoices in order to process an EDN Shipment. Please see the 7 requirements to a Customs Invoice  (To speed up the processing of your shipment, please upload your Customs Invoices when completing the Shipper’s Declaration online, if the invoice isn’t available at the time please send at your earliest possible convenience to Heather).  Email: compliance@freightshop.com.au  Phone: (08) 9477 6088.

Please see our Customs Invoice Template for download, if you are unsure of the information or format required.